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Unleash your website’s WOW factor with our magic 🪄  

Monos designs and develops UX-centered websites that fully portray your brand’s personality and *actually* tell the world how different you are

We make your users go bananas over your website

You’ll probably want to know why you should choose Monos among a trillion of creative studios, design agencies, and branding boutiques out there. Here’s why:

Yours is the
walk of Fame

Get a website 100% tailored to your brand and your business: no templates, no typical layouts, no stock, no bullshit.

not team-jerk

Get yourself a team that keeps you posted, adapts comms to your convenience, and overdelivers. Every. Single. Time.

Users first
and ego out

Our approach and forte are UX and UI-centric because that is what will give you tangible results and more conversions.

All you need is love.
From Google​

Your site will perform like a well-greased machine that Google will reward, by ranking it higher in the search results.


Get a unique brand identity that fosters trust, sets you apart, and builds an emotional connection with your audience.

UX & UI design

Benefit from lower abandonment rates, satisfied readers, and a memorable site that will give you a competitive edge.


Have full control over your website after we part ways, thanks to cost-effective and reliable no-code tech.

We don’t
monkey around

Design that speak volumes and it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys

How we

Stage 1:

We’ll need a starting point to work together, so we’ll ask you for a comprehensive project brief.

1. We analyze your business’ niche referents to observe best practices, trends, and industry standards.

2. We explore design ideas to create visual concepts and propose graphical guidelines.

You’ll get two concepts based on the project’s needs, and pick the one that will set the style for the rest of our work.


Week 2

Stage 2:

We’ll define your website’s content and design the interface according to your chosen concept.

1. We organize the available content and define wireframes that will set the website’s structure. 

2. We create a beautifully designed functional interface that appeals to all users.

You’ll get a sitemap with the structure, mockup components, and screenshots of the final website.

Week 4

Stage 3: Development

From ideas to reality. We use fast, non-code technology to implement the designs and facilitate iterations at a reduced cost to you.  

1. We wrap up the designs and develop them with WordPress, Webflow, or Framer. 

2. We test your brand-new digital house, make necessary adjustments, and hand off your exquisitely designed website.

You will finally get your website fully optimized and ready to take on the digital world!

Week 6

Like monkeys, we are extremely curious, problem-solvers adaptative and playful in our designs

We’re a bunch of diverse characters who love to work remotely from different idyllic places in the world (mainly Latam), make silly jokes, and most importantly, make you feel comfortable working with us from day one.

The ball is in your court!

Start showing your brand’s authenticity and power with a freaking awesome website today.

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